Singal direction puncture device
◇Model:Singal direction puncture device
◇Available Size: 1000mm long * 400mm wide * 50mm high
◇Available Color: Carbon steel
◇Customizable Design: Customizable
◇Delivery Period:30 days
◇Product Feature:

1, working principle: the back of the car, the car over the knife point rebound reset, the front of the car puncture resistance
2. Overall size: 1000mm long * 400mm wide * 50mm high
3. Panel material: carbon steel
Panel thickness: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm
4. Blade thickness: 10mm
5. Blade elevation: 100mm
6. Carrying weight: 30 tons
7. Product weight: 60KG/m
8. Collision avoidance grade: K8
9. Waterproof rating: IP68
10. Surface treatment: spray painting
11. Surface color: yellow
12. Working environment :-40℃ ~ +70℃
13. Storage environment: -40℃~65℃