Bi-directional tire breaker (double row blade)
◇Model:Bi-directional tire breaker (double row blade)
◇Available Size:customized length * 600mm* 78mm
◇Available Color: A3 Steel
◇Customizable Design: Customizable
◇Delivery Period:30 days
◇Product Feature:

1. Working principle: electric
2. Overall size of single set: customized length * 600mm* 78mm
Intercept length: TBD
3. Panel material: A3 steel
Panel thickness: 10,16 mm
4. Blade thickness: 10mm Blade Color: yellow (customized)
5. Blade elevation: 110mm
6. Carrying weight: 130 tons
7. Product weight: 110KG/m
8. Collision avoidance grade: K12
9. Waterproof rating: IP68
10. Lifting control: short range wireless remote control + wire control
11. Rise time: 3 seconds
Descent time: 3 seconds
12. Power supply mode: 220V
System power: 150W
13, surface treatment: spray paint, stick reflective tape
14. Surface color: black and yellow
15. Controller specification: 500*400*200mm, installed in the case
Linkage function: Linkage gate system, traffic light, AB gate, alarm system, etc
17. Working environment :-40℃ ~ +70℃
18. Storage environment: -10℃~65℃, waterproof