Top rated stainless steel electric Half height Turnstile
◇Available Size:L1600*W1600*H1500mm
◇Available Color: 304 stainless steel(customizable)
◇Customizable Design: Customizable
◇Delivery Period:30 days
◇Software: Access control management software, ticket inspection software, rail transit software, etc.
◇Product Feature: It can support the installation environment of induction card reading, the installation environment of LED or LCD small display, and the installation environment of the device controller.

◇Material:304 Brushed Stainless Steel   
◇Size: 1600 * 1600 * 1500mm                                                                                                     
◇Passage Width: 700mm
◇Power Supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
◇Drive Method: Gear and brushless motor drive
◇Operation Voltage: 12V,24V DC                                 
◇Power Consumption: 60W
◇Passing speed: 30 people / min                                                                                              
◇Passing mode: Single directional / Bi-directional                                                                                                                      
◇Operation Temperature: -30℃–60℃
◇Working Environment : Indoor / Outdoor (Shelter)
◇Emergency : Arm automatic open when power off
◇MCBF: 10,000,000 Cycles