Caozhou Peony Garden

    Heze-Caozhou Peony Garden is currently the world's largest and most diverse peony garden. The best time to travel is from mid-April to early May each year. During this time, the annual Heze International Peony Festival will be held. "Heze International Peony Festival" is one of China's famous peony tourism festivals, and has won the titles of "Top Ten National Flower Festivals", "China's Most Influential Brand Exhibition", and Heze City was also rated as "Excellent in China" "Tourist city", "China's outstanding festival city" and other honorary titles. The holding of the Peony Flower Fair not only increased the popularity of Heze Peony, and made Heze a well-known "China Peony City", but also vigorously promoted the construction of a new socialist countryside and drove the comprehensive development of Heze economy and society. The purpose of the flower fair is "to use flowers as a medium, make friends, set up culture, sing in trade, develop tourism, and revitalize the economy." It fully embodies the characteristics of Heze's "Hometown of Peonies".

     Caozhou Peony Garden adopts our hardware and software electronic ticketing system for ticket inspection. Ticket inspection equipment: KZ-Y020 high-end luxury wing gate ticket inspection machine; Ticket medium: two-dimensional barcode, software system includes: ticket management, inventory management, ticket management, customer relationship Main functional modules such as management, financial settlement, report statistics, leadership inquiry, system background management, etc. The implementation of the electronic ticket system will improve the management efficiency and service level of scenic spots.