Zhanjiang Techeng Fishing Island Resort (Pier)

Zhanjiang Techeng Fishing Island Resort (Pier)
        In the scenic Zhanjiang Bay, there is such a beautiful island-Techeng Island. "Special presentation" is the ancient Yue language, "special" means place, and "present" means harmonious and auspicious. In the Ming Dynasty, Hanlin Bachelor Jie Jin once boarded a special island, leaving a seven-character poem titled "The Special Chengshan Wentong Pavilion", "The wind sends the tide to the music, and the rainy mountains are specially presented. Villagers, fishing for a living for generations.
Surrounding half of the island are mangroves. These ancient trees that have been growing for thousands of years, are densely packed, towering emeralds and flying birds.
On the edge of the mangrove forest, the temple of the first heroine Mrs. Xian in Chinese history stands tall. The heroine 2,000 years ago made a lifelong effort to safeguard the history of national unity and unity. He also led soldiers to Techeng Island, repelled the pirates, and kept the island safe. The people were moved, and the temple was commemorated. After visiting Mrs. Xian, through the Yujia village on the island, to the northeast, the "sea fishing village" that is a few miles away is presented. When entering the forest at low tide, I saw the thick roots of the mangrove trees as big pots, flexed trunks, flourishing branches and leaves, and beads of fruit, giving people a spirit and strength. This is the largest "fish steak" base in western Guangdong, and various kinds of marine fish and conchs kept in it are continuously supplied to Zhanjiang and the Pearl River Delta. The earth is blessed with brilliance, and it has its own talents. "Describes the beautiful scenery of the special island and the unique island life.
     Zhanjiang Techeng Island Resort adopts the electronic ticket management system of the scenic spot (luxury wing gate ticket inspection equipment + ticket inspection management software), and uses the induction card as the ticket medium to form data such as ticket sales and entry ticket inspection into a unified financial, management, The functions of marketing, query, statistics and other information systems are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
   1) One server, multiple ticket outlets; our scenic ticket inspection management system adopts BS (browser + server) architecture, that is, multiple ticket outlets do not need to install a client, you can log in with your account and password through IE browser Ticket sales or managers log in to query the report. Program maintenance only needs to update the server, no need to update each ticket point;
  2) Design of import and export at multiple locations (multiple imports and exports at two locations as required, with employee channels (employee channels use fingerprints, and limit repeated intervals between fingerprints)), employee channels can be used as ticket inspection channels, for a certain ticket A limit setting for the number of entrances and exits in a channel);
  3) Multi-ticket design; now includes 8 types of tickets, including children’s cards for one-way tickets (for children from 1.2 to 1.4 meters), island love (for back and forth to take photos of wedding dresses), billing cards ( Use for accounting in units or companies), half-price card (for use by the elderly or disabled), group card (for use by group tourists), two-way card (for use by passengers), VIP card (for VIP use), one-way Card (used for one-way personnel); the report prints out a summary table of each day or time period according to each ticket type;
  4) Reserved expansion interface design; considering the possibility that a single ticket may have a large loss to the IC, the system reserves the functional interface of the barcode ticket, so that the future can be the fastest and most economical when expanding the barcode ticket function at any time.
  5) Seamless connection between financial system and Kingdee software