How to choose the supplier of electronic ticket system?

The electronic ticket system is a complex computer network system, including four blocks: computers, servers and other outsourcing equipment; system network equipment; ticket gates; electronic ticket inspection application software.
When selecting an electronic ticket system supplier, the following factors are mainly considered:
1. Choose a manufacturer that specializes in the production of electronic ticket systems: with gate equipment design, production capacity and ticketing software development capabilities; gates and software with independent intellectual property rights; a certain number of successful application cases.
2. The system price is reasonable. The system price is mainly composed of three parts: purchased equipment, gate equipment, and application software. It should be noted that the brand and quality of the outsourcing equipment provided by the manufacturer cannot be too low, because the electronic ticket system needs to be stable and reliable for a long time; the gate equipment is a product independently developed by the manufacturer, and the market price varies greatly. , Production process, function setting, actual application. Application software is also a very important aspect of the price system, which requires comparison of software functions, data security considerations, and ease of operation. Low price is an advantage, and more should look at the connotation.
3. Thoughtful after-sales service. Well-operated enterprises will pay attention to after-sales service.